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Our society is the good place to understand the human behaviour and attitude. Almost every day, I observe, perceive the society and I talk to the society too. The society teaches me daily and I learn few things from the society if not all.

My learnings are very simple and basics. I try to co-relate my learnings from the society and transfer the learnings to the field of applied hospitality education and its related areas through structured modules.

I'm an investigator and a consultant for Hospitality Business

My Story

I was born on 17th March at Cuttack, Odisha. My Father Sri Joy Krushna Mangaraj was a senior administrative officer in the Government of Odisha. He superannuated in the year 1987 from the place called Puri, the beach town and the holy city of Lord Jagannath. My mother Srimati Shantilata Mangaraj is a dedicated home maker. Father’s native place is Sujanpur (Delang Block) in the district of Puri. Grandfather Natabara Mangaraj, worked as the Office superintendent in the BNR (Bengal Nagpur Railways). I have spent less time in my native place Sujanpur as we used to live with father who used to get Official transfer postings in different places of the Odisha state. We used to relocate ourselves with father’s transfer, almost every two or three years within Odisha. As a result, our schooling too keeps changing accordingly. I had my schoolings in 04 places of Odisha. Changing schools for education means changing friends circle which was little inconvenient initially for us to establish new friends circle. But later on it was a new experience for good. We are three brothers and three sisters. My seniority serial number was fourth from the top.

I had my schoolings from the towns of Kuchinda (Sambalpur), Karanjia (Mayurbhanj), Telkoi (Keonjhar)and Khorda (Puri). I passed my matriculation exams from the famous and very old high school Bauxi Jagabandhu Bidyadhar school Khorda. My father too had schooling from the B.J. B high school Khorda. I graduated in Chemistry from PN College, Khorda in 1982. Later on, I pursued my 3years Graduate programme in Hotel Management from the Institute of Hotel Management, Bhubaneswar (1982-85) Batch. I worked for 2 years in hotels and became aware of the commercial aspects of hotel operations.

On the 1st week of July 1987, I joined the Food Craft Institute Gwalior as an Asst Lecturer. The Food craft institute was upgraded to IHM in the year 1992. In IHM Gwalior I worked till February 2011.I officiated as Principal in IHM Gwalior for almost 9 years. A great learning for me in Gwalior. The people, the culture and climate are worth remembering. In fact, Gwalior Institute provided the base in me for the academic administration.

I left Gwalior and joined IHM Ahmedabad as principal in February 2011. When I joined the IHM Ahmedabad, it was
as if waiting for a real change over in academic culture and discipline. It took almost a year of my investment of hard work and perseverance and Slowly the academic culture and the discipline gained momentum. The inclusion of few new and young academic members infused new enthusiasm and energy in the academic delivery. The old academic staff too became active in academic process.

The annual functions were worth watching which derived the hidden talents of the students and the faculty members. The National seminar every year gave the institute a new direction in academics. The institute launched its prestigious online ISSN journal in 2019.This ISSN online journal is the 1st of its own among the IHMs in the country. In short, I can say that the IHMA earned its USP in the form of a research tag, the Institute with research orientation. Now it’s good to see that 05 faculty members in IHMA are pursuing PhD. Of course it is worth mentioning that everything comes with a cost. The cost of developing an Institute came with mental preparation cost, physical preparation cost and perseverance cost that consistently challenged me and I handled the challenge with care and ease.


Jagat Mangaraj

• Former Principal at IHM Ahmedabad.
• Independent Director at New Light Hotels & Resorts Ltd.~Vivanta by Taj. Vadodara
• Editor, Indian Journal for Hospitality Management.(ISSN Online).
• "I'm an Investigator & a Consultant for Hospitality Business".

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