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19 October 2021

Team Building In A Hospitality Management Institute

Few Challenges

Background of the article: I have been working in the Institutes of Hotel Management for more than 34 years and still continuing to work. Whatever observed and felt, I have tried to sum it up in this article which may be referred by others to realise. The observations are solely of mine while working as the teaching member and as a principal in administrative capacity.

The Institutes of hotel Management in India were set up very early and are the oldest professional education institutes. These institutes are primarily skill education dominant. The skill of cooking, baking, serving food and housekeeping should be an integral part of the teachers/professors, as they pass on these skills to the students pursuing the course. In general, there are four core departments and those departments are headed by the professors who are expert in their concerned subject skills. Over the period, the professors/teachers feel possessive and focus only on their department. By this process, an individualistic approach develops within the educational institute which is not ideal for an organisation. The departmental professor become less interested about other departments and their progress. The hotel Management institute prepares a student primarily with all the four core area knowledge and skills to become a future hospitality manager. The primary requirement for all the departments is to work with coordination and with common objectives otherwise the Educational institute fails to produce good trained students.

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02 October 2021

Working Life Of A Hotel Employee

After graduating Hotel Management course, I worked few years in commercial Hotel before shifting to Academics in Hospitality Management Institute. Since then I have spent 34 years in Hospitality Academics. During this period, I have seen thousands graduating from the Hotel Management Institute. Many students had shared stories regarding the hard physical works they encounter on daily basis, nonstop, for years. Further, during my stay in the Hotel as a Guest, I too come across with few of my students working in those Hotel who narrated their experiences. Their experiences are worth listening and is a source of learning. After listening to many, I decided to pen their professional life experiences in my article. The experience stories narrated are almost the same for the people who work in food production (cooking), Food and Beverage service (waiter), House keeper & Front office Receptionists in the Hotel. I preferred to describe the story of hard physical works of an employee in a Resort Hotel.

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(Dr. Priti Ranjan Sahoo Associate Professor & Area Chair -Department of Marketing Management, KIIT School of Management, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, India; Dr. Jagat Mangaraj Principal, Institute of Hotel Management, Ahmedabad, India; Ms. Smrutirekha Research Scholar, KIIT School of Management, KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, India)

This empirical research tries to find the how perceived usefulness, and perceived ease of use affect the adoption of cloud computing among independent hotels in India in particular. Further it attempts to study various impediments of not adopting cloud computing technology by small and medium hotels in India in general. Though many large companies are moving, or indeed have moved to cloud, yet, still there are considerable numbers of barriers to cloud adoption, especially for small and medium hotel enterprises. This paper discusses such issues which both the small hotel operators and cloud computing vendors may look at.

Keywords - cloud computing, perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use, independent hotels, India


- By Dr. Jagat Mangaraj, Principal,
Institute of Hotel Management,Ahmedabad.
10th June, 2013. Hospitality Biz India.

Quite often I receive the feed back from the hotel Industry that the Institutes of hotel management do not produce quality manpower. These repeated complaints from the Industry really worries me. The complaints are many and different. Then I thought of the other professional educational Institutes like the IITs and IIMs and I tried to find out whether the relevant industry has the same view about the IITs & IIMs. I found that the 1st IIT was established in the year 1951 and the 1st IIM was established in the year 1961. The 1st IHM was established in Mumbai in 1954. Out of these mentioned educational institutes, IITs and IIMs have established themselves at the International level as the centers of excellence since then. But the IHMs are yet to achieve the same recognition & excellence that the IITs and IIMs have achieved. The IITs & the IIMs have started with the graduate programs and went on to add post graduate programs and subsequently Ph D programmes. But IHMs had started with 03yrs diploma programme and could not even upgraded in to 4 yrs degree programme, the masters programme still struggling to find its identity in the hotel industry. While analyzing the complaints of the Industry about the quality products from IHM, the concept of Six Sigma came to my mind. I thought if the concept of Six Sigma can be applied to few hotels then why it should not be applied to the IHMs so that the deficiencies if any in producing quality manpower, can be minimized or eliminated.