Experts Review On Hospitality Education

Probably the maximum damage has been done to the Hospitality sector by the Covid -19 during the year 2020-2021.The hospitality industry was forced to change its design of operation, reduced its manpower strength, its food safety standard SOP was changed. The Room division too changed its SOP etc. Many hotels and restaurants closed their operation as there was no business. The hotels worked approximately with 40% manpower with heavy salary cut. The hospitality education sector too was badly hit. All Hospitality Institutes were closed as the result of lock down. No classes were physically conducted. After much deliberation, the CIHMs started online classes for the students. The students during this period had no clues regarding their future academic and job prospects.

All the hotels were bleeding financially. Few hotels converted themselves to accommodate only the covid-19 positive patients and survived the financial blows. Majority of the fresh 1year old trainees were asked to leave the hotels. The working hours increased for everyone with reduced salary which frustrated everyone. Many hospitality professionals left the hotel profession for ever and started their own small joint which proved beneficial for them. The Covid -19 too scared many employees and aspiring students. Such aspiring students too were perturbed and disturbed. The media too started publishing negative image of the future Hospitality industry. Few webinars too depicted uncertain near- future of the hospitality industry.

Under such premises of developments, I decided to understand the views of the reputed experts of the hospitality educators and administrators of the premium brand Hospitality Institutes of India regarding relevance of the current curriculum of the hospitality Institutes, in the covid-19 affected world of hospitality. Also I tried to obtain their views regarding the probable future curriculum composition for the new evolving hospitality Industry. Their views are compiled as an E- compendium. I hope the compendium would spread some idea and awareness among the stake holders of the hospitality education and the hospitality Industry. Also I hope all probable future stake holder will suggest their valuable opinions so that this hospitality education will hold its ground strongly in future.

Dr. Jagat Mangaraj