Experts Review On Hospitality Education

Shri Lionel Vetty Kumar
Former Principal IHM Trivandrum
Academic & Admin experience in Hospitality Education: - (1979-2019)

• Your views on the course curriculum of the then Hotel management course relevant to the status of the then Hospitality Industry during your period.
The syllabus was not changed in 1987 to 2000, when Mr Lee Ryan and Principal Mr Inder Bahri made sea changes in syllabus in Indian context after extensive deliberations.

• Views on the Quality of the students joining the Hotel Management course during your period.
There is a steady decline in quality of students joining over the years. Apart from merit students with right attitude and service aptitude do not join any course in catering.

• Views on the selection method of the students for the admission into the Hotel Management course during your Principal-ship.
The present method of selection is obsolete and needs to be decentralized.

• Views on the quality of teachers in the IHMs (elaborate about skill and managerial competencies during your Principal-ship.
Industry rejects and candidates without sufficient experience in supervisory and managerial positions are attracted to various teaching positions.

• Views on the availability of the adequate infrastructures in the IHMs.
The ILO funded a few Institutions and most of the Institutes are largely suffer from poor infrastructure.

• Views on the learning attitude of the students
Various Training programs for teachers are not structured to the needs and not implemented properly. Hence faculty are not in position to enthuse students. The learning attitude of students is very low.

• Views on the placements of the students
Placement record is satisfactory in numbers and quality of placement suffers

Views on present Hospitality education 2019 onwards

• Views on the student’s admission method to IHMs
The present process of admission should be scrapped and decentralized.

• Views on the present course curriculum.
Not matching with industry standards and requirements.

• Views on the quality of the present students getting admitted.
Students who could not get admission to any other course, join hotel management course.

• Views on learning attitudes of the students getting admission
No subject is inspiring largely. Hence attitude towards learning is poor.

• Views on the competencies of the teachers.
10 to 25 ℅ of present faculty are competent others are interested in salary increase, promotion and campus politics.

• Views on the curriculum delivery.
Curriculum units are not discussed, timeline for units are not allocated. Students largely depend on notes provided.

• Views on the placement of the students.
Non-core industry attracts HM graduate students other than Hospitality industry.

• Views on the online theory classes.
On line theory classes are preferred than real time classes, as most of faculty members have improved delivery standards.

• Views on the online theory term -end examination and its effectiveness & sanctity.
Online theory examination unit wise is preferred than term end examination.

• Views on the Hybrid model of curriculum delivery (Practical classes offline and theory class online) in IHMs.
I advocate for this model only.

• Views on the future of the hospitality skill/ management education considering impact of the Covid -19
Enormous scope is there for short term skill courses.