Experts Review On Hospitality Education

Shri Arun Kumar Singh
Former Principal IHM Mumbai & former Principal IHM Lucknow.
Academic & Admin experience in Hospitality Education: - (1987-2020)

• Your views on the course curriculum of the then Hotel management course relevant to the status of the then Hospitality Industry during your period.
Basics are intact but syllabus needed to be updated in 3 years and due emphasis is needed on core mgmt. Areas knowledge and application along with operational knowledge and skill.

• Views on the Quality of the students joining the Hotel Management course during your period.
Quality is a major concern as most of them lack attitude, not working on to improve personality, communication and learning zeal is missing but we can't blame student alone for our failure also as we can't mentor them on these issues. No one come to us to fail.

• Views on the selection method of the students for the admission into the Hotel Management course during your period.
Aptitude, attitude personality and communication is needed to be evaluated before considering for hospitality MGT. Programme.

• Views on the quality of teachers in the IHMs (elaborate about skill and managerial competencies during your period.
Teachers also right aptitude and attitude foe teaching profession and need to upgrade and have real world exposure time to time.

• Views on the availability of the adequate infrastructures in the IHMs.
Most of the IHMs have fairly good infrastructure but needed to maintain and upgrade more regularly.

• Views on the learning attitude of the students
Students are basically needed to be shaped and teachers should mentor them for self-learning and fire the hunger to learn and evolve.

• Views on the placements of the students
Placement is always the reflection of readiness of the students for being placed. No organisation willing to loose exceptionally brilliant and talented student.

Views on present Hospitality education 2019 onwards

• Views on the student’s admission method to IHMs
Admission method will evolve if institutes are allowed to conduct their own selection like IHMs. Based on JEE will give only student's performance in written exam thus other aspects cannot be evaluated.

• Views on the present course curriculum.
Need to be reviewed immediately to have correct balance of knowledge, skill and industry application.

• Views on the quality of the present students getting admitted.
Is not as needed for hospitality industry but if students get good salary and job satisfaction then may able to attract desired students.

• Views on learning attitudes of the students getting admission
Students are raw and we need to shape their attitude and channelize their energy for desired outcomes.

• Views on the competencies of the teachers.
Area of concern. Faculty should take keen interest in profession chosen and to do all desired efforts by updating themselves with latest trend and shaping student career.

• Views on the curriculum delivery.
Most of the faculty are still using age old method of teaching without evaluating learning. Needed to upgrade themselves regularly.

• Views on the placement of the students.
Institutes needed to have better coordination with core and allied sector for better placement opportunities.

• Views on the online theory classes.
Good option. Retaining interest of students is an art and continuous involvement of students will give better output.

• Views on the online theory term -end examination and its effectiveness & sanctity.
Not recommended in normal situation as limitation in assessing knowledge and its application.

• Views on the Hybrid model of curriculum delivery (Practical classes offline and theory class online) in IHMs.
Interesting model needed to implemented carefully in this tough situation.

• Views on the future of the hospitality skill/ management education considering impact of the Covid -19
Future of hospitality industry is complex and manpower needed to handling multiple task and fast technological advancement needed to coped and sink with existing business model.