Experts Review On Hospitality Education

Shri V.R. Venkatadri
Former Principal IHM Bengaluru
Academic & Admin experience in Hospitality Education: - (2013-2020)

• Your views on the course curriculum of the then Hotel management relevant to the then Hospitality Industry during your period.
Present curriculum needs to be updated as per the Industry standards. We have many outdated and irrelevant information and still we teach those.

• Views on the Quality of the students joining the Hotel Management course during your period.
Though we get some very good students through JEE but overall quality of students deteriorated.

• Views on the admission method into the Hotel Management course during your period.
It is good to have Joint Entrance Exam for the selection. We may add more psychological questions to know the interest of the student.

• Views on the quality of teachers in the IHMs (elaborate about skill and managerial competencies).
Many IHMs have highly passionate teachers. At the same time, they also have teachers without any industry experience. Industry experience should be made mandatory. Also Research and Paper presentation should be mandatory for teachers.

• Views on the availability of the adequate infrastructures in the IHM.
Infrastructure, syllabus and student strength goes hand in hand. In many institutes it's not as per norm.

• Views on the learning attitude of the students
Student learn only when we have student centric learning atmosphere. Present millennial students differently from others. Traditional training programs proved less effective with them. They are more comfortable with technology.

• Views on the placements of the students
IHMs developed to provide trained manpower to Hospitality Industry. We still provide trained manpower. But the question is what level? We are unable to provide 100% Managerial or supervisory level placements. This may be linked to the selection of students.

Views on present Hospitality education 2019 onwards

• Views on the student’s admission method to IHMs
May be we need to include more psychological questions to know the interest of the students in JEE.

• Views on the present course curriculum.
Need to change curriculum as per the Industry standards and need.

• Views on the quality of the present students getting admitted.
Quality of students deteriorated. May be because HM is not the first choice of the students.

• Views on learning attitudes of the students getting admission
Millennial students are different. We need to understand them. They are more tech savvy. They expect the same from the institute.

• Views on the competencies of the teachers.
Present teachers should improve their competencies by more exposure in the industry and upgrade by doing research.

• Views on the curriculum delivery.
Classroom style delivery may not work with present generation students. Teachers have find innovative way to make students concentrate on studies.

• Views on the placement of the students.
Not up to the expectations.

• Views on the online theory classes.
This may be way of life in future. This can be used effectively to invite the best teacher to teach all the institute students at the same time.

• Views on the online theory term -end examination and its effectiveness & sanctity.
As technology develops we need to evolve. MCQs can be asked during online exams exactly on the competencies. Present generation students may find this interesting. But their creativity is reduced.

• Views on the Hybrid model of curriculum delivery (Practical classes offline and theory class online) in IHMs.
Can't say anything. But this may be used to utilise the space effectively.

• Views on the future of the hospitality skill/ management education considering impact of the Covid -19
Future looks good and Rosy. As we see people are started traveling domestically. Same will happen to Foreign tourist arrivals as well. Already rooms are getting filled and Banquets started doing well. We also see hotel companies recalling their staff back. In a year we shall reach the pre Covid scenario. Which is good for the Industry and Education sector.