Research in hospitality & tourism education

This gives me immense pleasure to work academically and practically in the field of Tourism and Hospitality. While working in this field almost 25 for years, I know Dr Jagat Mangaraj closely who has been working in the hospitality education for a long period. His works and involvement in the hospitality education is noteworthy and deep rooted. I had the opportunity of being the co- supervisor in his research works. I am happy to learn that the Blog of Dr Jagat Mangaraj is for the Hospitality and Tourism research works. I am sure the Blog will spread the awareness among the learners and researchers in the field of Hospitality and Tourism. I wish the Blog to be useful for the society and be successful in the near future.

- Prof Sandeep Kulshrestha
Former Director, Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management,

Hospitality research & civilization

Hospitality industry is as old as civilisation. India has a tradition of hospitality and any study of the industry, it’s manifold aspects is always challenging. It is a delight to know that Dr J K Mangraj who heads the Tourism and Hospitality management school is coming out with a blog that would give shape to new ideas, provide a platform for counselling and mentoring the professionals who join the industry with hopes and ambitions to grow up. This Industry is at a turning point due to Covid scenarios for the last 18 months and several strategies of marketing and innovative ways to come out of this Catch22 situation have to emerge as a response to the prevailing slump and dispirited situation.

I am happy to add here that Dr J K Mangaraj, the Principal of IHM Ahmedabad who is setting up his blog would address the needs of Hospitality research and Tourism too. He has led and developed the IHMA into an institute of higher rank. Dr J K Mangaraj has been in the field of professional Hospitality education and Tourism for 36 years. I am sure his blog will spread awareness, bring up Research and also motivate the new cadre of professionals to find out new Road maps and orient industry to the changed outlook and new challenges that have come on horizon of the Industry

I wish the blog and Dr. JK Mangaraj the best future in this endeavour...

- Dr. S K Nanda
IAS (RETD), Former Additional Chief Secretary,
Advisor NDMA, Director India International Exchange Chairman JCARC,
President Gujarat Ham Radio Institute,
Govt of Gujarat.

Hospitality is an ever evolving industry

Hospitality is an ever evolving Industry and it takes a very contemporary approach with an open mind to catch-up with the changes and, Dr Mangaraj is just the person who comes to my mind when I think of it. Dr Mangaraj is an accomplished academician with a very contemporary approach. He has been contributing to the Hospitality Industry’s pursuits through his various articles, programs and activities and I find him as one of the most proactive, participative and supportive person who is ever ready to help.

I admire him as a professional who is always abreast with the latest trends and technologies that gives him added advantage and the cutting edge in his pursuits. Every interaction with him, I find as a huge learning curve and of course, the warmth of his company is quite enduring…

- Manohar S Gurung, Vice President,
Madhubhan Resort & Spa.

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