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--- An Observation with teens in an education Institute ---


Being in the position of Managing and leading a professional educational Institute, I have the opportunity of watching, meeting and interacting with the young students closely. Such students are from the age 17 years & onwards. Interaction with such students gave me the perception about their attitude, patience & the approach towards the study and life. Hence I decided to write few lines concerning the matters which I had experienced over two decades. Though I am in this profession of education/teaching for 35 years, I want to focus on the gradual change in their patience and understanding, in the day to day life.


My Period

I was born in the early sixties. My father was a Government servant and my mother is purely a dedicated home maker and a harbinger of peace always, at any time and any place. In many instances I wonder how a person (my mother) can be so cool & calm? Perhaps she had the abilities to absorb stresses and maintain her calmness and at the same time, providing stability with happiness to the family. Since then, I came across with many families and could perceive things very clearly that the time has changed and the mind-set of the new generation has changed. Here I share few instances which demonstrate the mind-set change that I experienced with many students and fewparents.


The Change

Time is probably the most powerful factor in the ever changing life style. The evolution of the unit /nuclear family has changed the life and the lifestyles of the new generation. Even the youngest member in the family feels that he is the best decision maker and wants his decision to prevail. The Initial love and affection of the parents towards the kids and subsequent spoon feeding by the parents make the kids always dependent and demanding in all the areas which we as teens never had. This mind-set of the present day teens gradually creates deficiencies in social value. (This is exclusively referred and compared with my teen age period with the present teens). Whenthe teens grow in age, the deficiencies can be observed as patience, understanding, sharing the emotions, sharing the social values and caring for others etc. These teen agers when exposed to the real world, face challenges around them and find themselves in uncomfortable situations, may be in a hostel or in a new professional institute or a college. The teen agers miss all the comforts and room services of the home, instead they meet a heterogeneous mix of friends of similar aggressive and dominating in nature. The frustration of the teens combined with the ego make themselves aggressive in behaviour. Such teens never accept defeat or loss in good spirits. In many instances, the teens along with similar natured friends make a group and want to establish their influence over others. Sometimes verbal and physical fights take place. This has been observed among some of the teen age groups in the hostels, among day scholars, also in the groups of the societies. As per my observations in the hostels, the teens assume the sense of self- independence and exhibit behaviour incoherently. Some of the teens neglect academics and place other matters ahead. The mobile phones have become an integral part of their lives. Many surveys have indicated that 30% of the teens spend average 5-hours daily with mobile phones for the purpose of entertainment & academics. The mobile phones assumed more importance during the covid-19 as the schools and colleges followed online mode of study.

The Online exams proved convenient and comfortable for many teens as the online surveillance in the exams is weak. Many teens students passed the online exams with less effort and found it easy going. Such teens struggled when the offline classes and examination started. They lost the habits of writing for 03 hours in pen and struggled. This struggle resulted frustration among the teens. The parent's advice to reduce the excess use of mobile phones often resulted in arguments between the teens and the parents. The use of mobiles for long hours at night by some teens has become the regular activities. The excessive use of mobile till late night disturbs the sleep among the teens which subsequently delays their next morning study schedule. Such developments make the teens irritating in nature.

The peer friendship among the teens and its decision prevails over parental decision. Parents of the students in many instances have met me and expressed their concern and helplessness regarding the aggressive mind-set of their sons and daughters in home. In few cases the students who stay out of the hostels, attend classes irregularly and perform poorly in their examination. Such teens in many instances never report the exams results to their parents. On enquiry, the parents get shocking information from the college. This too makes the parents very sad. In occasions, there are confrontations between the teens and their parents on academic performances. Few teen students even do not go to their hometown after semester examinations and prefer to spend time of their choice for holiday destinations. Such acts of the teens really trouble me and I could very well understand the agony of the parents. Understanding a parent’s thought is paramount. The parents in spite of being unhappy with such attitude of their sons and daughters can’t express and can’t share with others. If parents express their opinion, it creates unpleasant situation in the family. It seems that there is a constant gap emerging between the parents and their sons and daughters in the life style and the and perception of life. Perhaps every movement of the life is taking shape in the virtual mode. Teens are happy with the virtual developments. Physical hard work is a different concept for them. They want and demand everything on platter. They want everything by the click of the mousse. If the click of the mouse doesn’t get them their desired product, then frustration and blaming the systems is their response.

I being from the traditional school of thought may be sounding different and unusual to the present teens life style. Perhaps for them it’s their good way of life. It may be the future. But I have few concerns that constantly come in my thoughts, which I leave it to the readers to imagine and perceive.

• If the present day teens would have less patience, then how often they will be fighting with each other, in life?

• How would be their future relationships among their blood relatives?

• How they would select their life partner?

• How long their marriage would survive?

• How much they would remain connected to their native places?

• Would there be any traditional festival celebrated in home not in hotels?

• Would their own brothers and sisters care for them during their illness?

• Would they care their old and invalid parents with emotions and love?

I hope there is a good time coming for the society in future. I should be proved wrong by the coming generation. The world should be filled with tolerance, human values and understanding. The understanding among each other would give rise to love within the society which would be a happy place to live.

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