Experts Review On Hospitality Education

Shri Ranjit Chaudhury
Former Principal IHM Kolkata
Academic & Admin experience in Hospitality Education: 2005 - 2016

• Your views on the course curriculum of the then Hotel management course relevant to the then Hospitality Industry during your period.
The syllabus was more technical than management input. However few subject like Principal of Management, law and one foreign language was taught.

• Your Views on the Quality of the students joining the Hotel Management course during your period.
There was limited choice of courses beside Medical, Engineering. Student mainly wanted to study some technical course instead General field used to join. Since very new area of study not known to society in general, the quality of students were mainly mediocre.

• Views on the selection method of the students for the admission into the Hotel Management course during your period.
Only four institutes were there and under state technical education, there was written and interview was the process adopted by each individual institutes.

• Views on quality of teachers in the IHMs (elaborate about skill and managerial competencies.
Faculty having very less industrial experience were selected as faculty as due to less numbers of students passing out therefore less professional available in market to join as faculty.

• Views on the availability of the adequate infrastructures in the IHMs.
Not very encouraging till ILO aided Equipment

• Views on the learning attitude of the students
Subject not studied in earlier years had some problems in understanding. Frustration among students not coping with new subjects was evident.

• Views on the placements of the students
Not very encouraging. The number of hotels was also very less. No new avenues as today was available. No foreign hotel brand was there.

Views on present Hospitality education 2019 onwards

• Views on the student’s admission method to IHMs
Joint Entrance Examination is a good initiative. Opening of large number of institutes and counselling needs to be looked into as due to geographical advantage and disadvantage many institutes are not getting adequate number of student as per their strength.

• Views on the present course curriculum.
Need overhauling. More case study based teaching learning to be adapted. New avenues of hospitality should be accommodated e.g. retail etc.

• Views on the quality of the present students getting admitted.
Two clear division, 40% very good students focused to make career in hospitality but rest join because they did not get the subject wanted to pursue that’s why they choose this course

• Views on learning attitudes of the students getting admission
Not encouraging. General attitude is in this course, studying is not much and everyday study is not required.

• Views on the competencies of the teachers.
In my opinion Industrial work experience in supervisory capacity is not there. Even for post graduate candidates this hands on experience is not required.

• Views on the curriculum delivery.
Except few good institutes learning environment is absent. Due to shortage of infrastructure and large number of students, adequate delivery is not possible. However faculty are competent and knowledgeable to deliver.

• Views on the placement of the students.
Large scope of campus placement is available, not only in hotels but in other hospitality and allied sectors. However students are leaving hotel industry due to less salary and long hours of duty without any additional remuneration.

• Views on the online theory classes.
Due to COVID online classes may be a stop gap arrangement. The body language of students cannot be judged here therefore teachers are not able to judge level of their understanding of topic. Students are also not able to discuss between peer group.

• Views on the online theory term -end examination and its effectiveness & sanctity.
Online term end examination is a formality to show that all process are complete. This system doesn’t measure the actual depth of knowledge. In my opinion not at all effective.

• Views on the Hybrid model of curriculum delivery (Practical classes offline and theory class online) in IHMs.
Why hybrid model? If practical can be conducted at institutes why not theory classes? Students group can be increases by reducing less students in each group. Online classes can never takeover offline classes.

• Views on the future of the hospitality skill/ management education considering impact of the Covid -19
Industry is going to be back in track but when is a big question. The present surge in business is not any indicator. We have to wait and watch. Once normalized ample opportunity ahead.